Campus Minister

Rev. Josiah and Kelley Carey

Josiah is from Charlottesville, Virginia, went to UVA and then Covenant Seminary in St. Louis, and has called New Orleans home for five years. He loves playing spikeball, exploring new places, and thoughtful or thought-provoking conversations.

Kelley is from St. Louis, went to Mizzou for undergrad and a masters, and now teaches English and reading to high school juniors in NOLA. She loves passionate discussions and nachos with jalapeños, and is teaching herself woodworking.

Scout, a pyrenees mix, is the newest addition to the family. She loves long walks, riding in the car, and lizard hunting.

Josiah would really love it if you ask him to throw a frisbee or get Panera, Kelley would love you to help her build something but you may need to help her grade some papers first, and Scout is more than willing for you to walk her any time.    434-249-6633