God gives blessings that we may bless others.

God's call is to follow Jesus unto death... and that means we lay our lives down to serve one another. We serve by our love to those in RUF, at Tulane, in the church, and beyond. Jesus calls his people to lay our lives down for our neighbors - and even for our enemies - in love.

We have joined with local organizations such as St. Roch CDC and Green Charter School to serve our neighborhood and city.

We have also joined in supporting our neighbors following natural events such as Hurricane Katrina, the flooding in Baton Rouge, and the tornado in New Orleans East.

Serving Baton rouge After the flood - Fall 2016

RUF Christian Fellowship at Tulane lent some muscle and sweat to a family in North Baton Rouge, at the guidance of Ande Johnson. It was amazing to see how the family was upbeat and confident in the Lord, despite the fact that all their material possessions were in a heap on the street. Our sweat did not create the pile, but we moved it closer to the street and continued the work of gutting the house. Lots of unskilled labor still to be done in Baton Rouge.


NEW Orleans East Tornado Cleanup - 2017


Katrina Relief - 2011