There are three primary avenues to connect to RUF: large group, small groups, and 1-1s.
If you are considering visiting, we invite you to join us via any of these avenues. If you're an RUF regular, we hope you find both a source of rest and a call to love through each of the avenues. Large group, small group, and 1-1 relationships are all facets of RUF: we pray the Gospel shapes all of your relationships and all of your life.


Wednesdays at 8pm in LBC 202, Starting Week 2 (Sept 6, 2017)

RUF Wednesday Fellowship is an hour of worship, Biblical teaching, prayer, and fellowship. It's a place for exploration, connection, and growth. As always, we welcome any and all regardless of your /their spiritual background, beliefs, doubts, etc. We would love for you to join us! 


Freshman Bible Study, Tuesdays, LBC 210 (McKeever)

Women's Bible Study, TBD

Men's Bible Study, TBD

We gather in small groups throughout the week. These may look like sharing a meal, throwing a frisbee together, or praying together. Sometimes they also look like reading the Bible together and talking about what it means and what it has to do with our lives. Some of our official Bible studies are listed below.


We meet 1-on-1 to remind one another of God's grace in Jesus and to encourage one another to follow him. You can meet with the campus minister (, or 434-249-6633). You can meet with an upperclassman. You can meet with a freshman. You can meet to eat lunch, to throw a frisbee, to ask tough questions, to skip rocks toward Bird Island, etc. One on ones are central to what we do in RUF, in showing one another the love of Christ and reminding one another of his love.